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Nalane Publications

List of books available from Nalane.

ZAR290.00Throwing Down White Man’, Cape Rule and Misrule in Colonial Lesotho
Author: Peter Saners
ZAR190.00The Basutos, or Twenty Three Years in South Africa
Author: Eugine Casalis
ZAR105.01The Story of Morija Museum & Archives: Pioneers in Heritage Management & Education in Lesotho
Author: Stephen Gill
ZAR79.80Catalogue of the Masitise Archives
Author: D.F. Ellenberger
ZAR285.00History of the Basuto: Ancient & Modern
Author: D.F. Ellenberger
ZAR125.40The Question of Lesotho's Conquered Territory: It's Time for an Answer
Author: Martin Lelimo
ZAR205.20A Short History of Lesotho
Author: S. Gill
ZAR171.00Maseru: An Illustrated History
Author: David Ambrose
ZAR171.00Sotho Laws & Customs
Author: Patrik Duncan



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